Compile .mod files with with (specify path after to compile specific mod files): nrnivmodl Check units with (nrnivmodl does not check unit consistency): modlunit file.mod Meaning of various NMODL keywords RANGE - varies with position (0-1) on a section. Read/set with section.var or section(0.5).var. If section.nseg > 1:section(0.5).var can have a different value than section(0 … Continue reading NEURON NMODL/MOD File Cheat Sheet

Tools for editing SWC files (neuron morphology)

I have recently found myself having to pour over 100's of reconstructions of neurons from and make small changes before I can analyze them further. I needed a free tool that could: a) let me quickly preview the contents and b) make changes to the SWC files (e.g. move some branches around, set/change node … Continue reading Tools for editing SWC files (neuron morphology)

We will probably simulate volcanic eruptions to offset global warming

Spraying volcanic-like particles in the upper atmosphere would cost a fraction of today's wildfire and hurricane costs, and a fraction of fossil fuel company profits Why band-aid-like, simulated volcano eruptions (a.k.a. Stratospheric Aerosol Injections) will probably be the most cost-effective way to lower global temperatures while our civilization phases out the use of fossil fuels … Continue reading We will probably simulate volcanic eruptions to offset global warming